Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right

Peter F. Drucker

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We provide 'fresh-eye' diagnostics of your employee culture to design strategies and implement tactics that raise your employee engagement be the level of a competitive advantage. We understand what best/brightest talent wants, as well as what you need from them.

Through a combination of public relations and management consulting, we help create an environment in which your employees reflect your company's brand, and vice versa. Our process helps turn your culture into a well differentiated experience that is compelling to top-talent.

And when your company faces the turmoil of change, such as takeovers, acquisitions, cutbacks, new leadership, and business crises, we develop communication strategies to maintain engagement and accrue benefit in the face of those challenges.

In a seriously depressed economy aggravated by poor corporate governance and self-serving actions taken by corporate leadership, America's best talent has adopted a new mindset. They feel less secure, more cynical, and they place a higher premium on demonstrated core values, earned reputation, and greater social responsibility. They want to work for a company they can feel sure about and proud about.

Not surprisingly, the gap between 'most admired' companies and ordinary companies is likely to widen due to the increasing value of what great companies do right for their talent. One of their key ingredients is best-practice employee communications and corporate culture initiatives. Research shows that the 200 most admired companies spent more than three times as much on employee communications as the 200 least admired companies.

As Dave Packard once said when asked how he motivated people: "I don't. I hire motivated people and try not to de-motivate them."

As simple as this may sound, it isn't. It requires extremely diligent effort to develop valuable attributes in your work environment:

  • Authority that matches accountability
  • Resourcing necessary to win
  • An environment that is demanding but at the same time uplifting and supportive
  • A work place where working hard, smart, and together is fun

Or as one mantra at Google says: 'Work should be challenging, but the challenge should be fun.'

We understand these concepts and can help you apply them at your company.