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Greg Baird Portrait

Greg Baird
CEO & Founder

Greg is a public relations counselor who believes the research-based drug industry, based on its core competencies and mission, has a strong potential alignment with public interest. It also has the capacity to help solve one of the most important social challenges of the new century – rationalizing medical innovation with affordability. But to capture this 'halo effect,' industry needs to realign with stakeholders by adopting policies and practices that more visibly reflect this shared agenda.

"Access to medicine and its affordability are imperatives of the new Administration, employers and aging Baby-boomers. Industry needs to credibly demonstrate it shares these priorities. Also, new data about "science to service" suggest that state-of-the-art research in oncology is available to only 15% of the cancer population. This, too, needs to be an obvious concern of industry. And last but not least, there is a growing call for comparative effectiveness data to reveal the relative strengths and weakness of medical interventions at treatment decision points. How will companies respond to these issues, and how will their reaction, or inaction, be perceived by their customers and their own employees who have rapidly escalating expectations of social responsibility and ethical behavior on the part of their employers?"

Revamped public relations can help address these and other key issues. But enlightened strategy must be found in the simplest day-to-day tactics of PR. Anything else just perpetuates the 'special interest' mentality that has seriously eroded the environment. The front line of industry-stakeholder interaction is where changes need to be seen: tactics for a new era of PR.

As President of WHOLEPOINT communications, Greg helps assure better resonance between companies and their stakeholders by applying a more disciplined alignment between the best principles of public relations and the critical input of external stakeholders. It obligates strategies and tactics to generate audience engagement while incorporating forward-looking ethical standards. WHOLEPOINT helps put clients ahead of the curve of their environment and their competition.

While Greg is known for his creativity and strategic thinking, he also loves to roll-up his sleeves and do the work. He is an articulate communicator both orally and in writing, and has powerful personal interaction skills. Thanks to his outgoing personality and demonstrated integrity, he has accumulated a wide network of important contacts. He holds to a very high standard of excellence in execution. Greg has won numerous awards within the PR trade, including "Top Ten PR Pros in Health Care," and several Silver Anvils for both product work as well as corporate initiatives.

Greg has worked at some of the industry's most respected companies, including Pfizer, Searle, Genentech, and Novartis, and at agencies such as Burson-Marsteller, Hill and Knowlton, and Porter Novelli. He has served 12 years as a member of the Executive Team of leading biopharmaceutical corporations, and has served as the Global head of Communications on both the corporate and agency side. Greg has helped generate some of the industry's most innovative programs, such as:
  • The first broad-based patient education program sponsored by a pharmaceutical company
  • The first methodical assessment to improve the academia-industry interface and stakeholder relationships with KOLs
  • The first patient guarantee program for prescription drugs
  • The first substantial Rx product donation to clinics serving low-income Americans
  • The first Internet-based science education program sponsored by a biotechnology company that was subsequently called a "national treasure" by the National Academy of Sciences
  • The first multi-company prescription drug discount card for Medicare-eligible Americans
  • Several of the most acclaimed turnarounds in corporate reputation and employee engagement

Greg has successfully: led the charge in heated, head-to-head battles between prescription products, launched Rx and OTC products, handled crisis communications ranging from the indictment of the head of Sales to the firing of the CEO, and faced class action lawsuits and the allegations thrown at controversial products and devices in a wide variety of forums, including Congressional Hearings, DOJ investigations, and the investigative press.

In addition to his primary focus in the private sector, Greg has kept active in Public Health, beginning his career with a large suburban health department, and currently serving as a Board Member of Public Health Solutions, a respected non-profit organization serving the New York City Area. Greg has held positions with key PR organizations and has consulted for the FDA. He has his Masters Degree in Public Affairs. He has three grown children and lives in Northern New Jersey.

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Erik Hansen Portrait

Erik Hansen
Director, Strategic Development & Interactive

Erik is an online strategist and developer of interactive solutions for large-scale corporate clients as well as government agencies. He has over a decade of experience as both a technology leader and implementer in both the agency and independent consultant setting. Throughout his career, Erik has acted on behalf of clients with the guidance and belief that in the world of emerging media, the corporate entity must learn to adapt to the new rules of business where reputation, brand advocacy, and traditional seller/consumer relationships no longer operate under a strictly push paradigm.

"Peer-to-peer communication has passed a 'tipping point' in the adoption curve of Social Media expression, be it facebook, twitter or a message board on WebMD. It provides clout to individuals and small groups of people heretofore relegated to the bottom of the communications 'food chain.' The exponential effect of viral appeal makes certain small voices become formidable forces to be reckoned with overnight. The immediacy and the raw verbatim value of Social Media threatens industry with the same demand for 'personalized' customer communication, as the traditional 'one-response-fits-all' industry voice for customer relations finds itself inadequate to meet the needs of its newly segmented and vocal stakeholder base. But far more than the threat is the remarkable opportunity of these new market voices and constituencies. For the enlightened business, it is a potential competitive advantage not to contaminate the conversation or process of people-powered media, but to listen, understand, and constructively relate to it and participate in it."

Erik is extremely passionate about the role of business in the emerging conversation that is happening digitally all around us. He is particularly interested in the network effects of peer-to-peer communities and the ability to harness metrics that will eventually lead to a meaningful way of measuring success and failure in what many are calling the ‘Wild West’ of Social Media.

Prior to his pursuit of an MBA and subsequent graduation in June of 2008 from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Erik worked as an independent consultant developing a web based Estate Management Software for the Richard Pousette-Dart Estate, and prototype chip management web application for Affymetrix.

Before resigning from Ruder Finn Interactive to pursue independent consulting, Erik oversaw the technology discipline of Ruder Finn Interactive as the Director of Technology. In this role, Erik was responsible for the direction and implementation of all web properties and new media initiatives. Under his leadership, Erik oversaw major projects for clients including The Dept. of Homeland Security, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Schering-Plough, The Smithsonian Institute, Kellogg, Purdue and The Council on Foreign Relations, among others.

Before assuming leadership as Director of Technology, Erik served as the lead engineer for Ruder Finn Interactive where he led development and database architecture for all client deliverables.

Prior to joining Ruder Finn Interactive, Erik worked as a software engineer for Mondera.com, where he was one of the founding members of the technology team developing the ecommerce engine as well as technology processes that supported the backend of the business including inventory, accounts receivable, promotion and other support functions.

Erik holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science and Economics from Duke University.

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Victoria Christian Portrait

Victoria Christian
VP, Account Admin

Passion for science, a competitive spirit and the motivation to help people through better communication are what led Vikki to the field of health care public relations. With a decade of hard work and learning already accomplished toward this goal, Vikki applies her skills so that clients and patients can successfully navigate the rapidly evolving opportunities and challenges of health care.

Vikki has dedicated her career to the field of healthcare communications, including the development and management of scientific and disease awareness campaigns, physician/healthcare professional relations, data publication and medical meeting support, third-party relationship development, and issues management. Her healthcare expertise includes extensive work in oncology therapeutics (growth regulation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, immunotherapy), pulmonology, diabetes and malaria.

"Healthcare information today is increasing at an explosive rate. Key commercial messages for consumers can easily get lost in the volume, or seem contradictory with competing promotional messages. This demands clarity and precision in public relations programs so that messages break through the clutter efficiently and effectively. At Wholepoint, we develop compelling communication strategies to ratify brand value and to credibly engage the target audience. This drives the results our clients are looking for – results that are sustainable in the market place."

Years of translating science into tangible communications programs have given Vikki rich expertise in aligning her client’s objectives with the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Most recently, Vikki served as Account Supervisor for the Healthcare Practice at Hill & Knowlton in New York where she managed product and pipeline communications for Amgen's oncology portfolio. In 2009, she relocated to Los Angeles to work with Amgen in preparation for a major campaign launch and serve as the day-to-day contact.

Highlights of her tenure at Hill & Knowlton include the development and execution of a reputation-driven nurse education campaign, which is returning for a second year as a result of last year's success, and a growing demand from the oncology nursing community. Here, Vikki also supported the development of the communications strategy leading up to a precedent-setting FDA advisory committee meeting which resulted in a class-based label update to incorporate biomarker testing as standard practice in newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients. Additionally, Vikki supported multiple brand and pipeline engagements including data and regulatory milestone communications, clinical trial recruitment efforts, investigator media trainings and issues management.

Prior to joining Hill & Knowlton, Vikki worked at RxMosaic Health where she managed pre-FDA approval and launched support initiatives for a Pfizer Oncology pipeline product. She also managed a robust advocacy relations campaign supporting the FDA mandate to transition CFC inhalers to HFA inhalers for a large respiratory account. Before RxMosaic Health, Vikki worked at Biosector 2, a division of the Chandler Chicco Agency, where she was responsible for planning strategic communications around the development of an anti-angiogenesis product for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. At Biosector 2, Vikki also led the execution and supported media outreach for a national, multi-city, skin cancer awareness screening tour for Doak Dermatologics.

Vikki began her public relations career as PR Specialist for the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center/Thoracic Surgery Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania where for three years she expanded communications supporting the center's Photodynamic Therapy and Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) offerings for a variety of thoracic malignancies.

Aligning with her focus in oncology, Vikki is particularly interested in the advance of personalized medicine and its potential to address a variety of unmet medical needs, specifically, the ability to transform healthcare by converting research innovations into clinical practice with better diagnostics and more efficient therapies with less side effects.

Vikki has a Bachelor of Arts from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Santa Monica, CA.

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Rob Kern Portrait

Rob Kern
Information Architecture & Web Design

Rob Kern has a decade of experience managing innovative, award-winning web projects and strategic online programs both on the client and agency side, having worked at global pharmaceutical companies and a renowned interactive agency.

Rob is Web Designer, Information Architect, and Project Manager, and has launched multiple websites and interactive components for global companies including Novartis, Merck, Pharmacia, Citigroup and TeleTech.

At Ruder Finn Interactive, Rob held the position of Senior Producer and managed the global redesign and rebranding of Novartis.com. Rob also produced and developed the user experience design for the Webby Award nominated Images of Isolation, a disease awareness campaign for eczema.

Rob has also lived and worked in Basel, Switzerland for Novartis Pharma AG, managing online strategy, design, and web development for the company's global corporate Intranet, serving over 60,000 employees. In this role, he was responsible for the user interface design, information architecture and creative direction for multiple high-profile websites and provided strategic counsel to senior leadership on successful interactive initiatives.

'Make it easy!' It sounds simple, but when an organization attempts web development, it’s surprising how quickly this concept is abandoned to accommodate internal politics and web-by-committee. Good web development is devoted to user convenience and relevance. Great web sites always put the user's experience first. While this sounds simple, it is the single most challenging thing to deliver in the face of competing interests within an organization and the temptation to surrender to complexity. Simple is always harder to deliver than complex. It is extremely rewarding to achieve 'easy' and then watch the metrics prove the power of your approach.

Prior to Novartis, Rob held web consulting positions at Merck and Pharmacia. At Merck, Rob worked on Merck.com where he managed rolling out the new corporate brand across the Merck global web portfolio. He also was responsible for designing user interfaces for Merck applications used by all Merck web developers worldwide. At Pharmacia, Rob was responsible for designing and maintaining multiple internal websites.

Rob holds a bachelor degree in Educational Studies from University of Missouri.

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Meghan Norville Portrait

Meghan Norville
Sr. Account Supervisor

Meghan is a seasoned public relations professional who has spent her career crafting strategic communications campaigns for national health care associations and Fortune 500 companies. Her passion for "messages that matter" makes health care a natural industry for her media relations and social media marketing skills.

Meghan has extensive experience devising and implementing award-winning public relations campaigns for the American Institute of Architects, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the American Urological Association, The Endocrine Society, and the American Society of Echocardiography. She understands "today's" media and the need to provide a message and resources that aren't otherwise available through online channels. She constantly looks for ways to introduce concepts to reporters in a way that resonates with each one of them on an individual level, maximizing their interest in covering the topic.

Her latest passion is bridging the gap between brands and consumers through the ever-evolving world of social media. It’s an area that makes her excited to be in public relations during this period of evolution – as the trend moves more toward the "relations" part of public relations than ever before.

Meghan believes not only in using social media to push relevant messages to key audiences, but also in truly listening to what the audience has to say about an issue, brand or trend. Through a smart, "listening" approach to social media, corporations can come to understand what they mean to their target audiences and how they can improve their product to grow true brand advocates, the most priceless asset to any company in today's word-of-mouth world.

Increasing demands for trust, transparency, and real partnership with consumers make public relations a critically important path to achieving these objectives. I really value how we focus on these attributes and make sure they are embedded in everything we do for our clients at Wholepoint.

She recognizes the power and timeliness of social media as just one important channel for a holistic public relations campaign, and incorporates all appropriate PR tools, be it media relations, patient advocacy, grassroots marketing, special events, or internal communications. Meghan keeps an intense focus on client service, and devises and delivers campaigns that meet or exceed the needs of her clients – results that achieve stated business goals.

Meghan graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Public Relations.

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Beverly Simons Portrait

Beverly Simons
Media Monitoring & Editorial Services

Beverly Simons is a valued member of the WHOLEPOINT consulting team with a wealth of experience in pharmaceuticals and the media who cover this industry. In writing about diseases, she puts facts into perspective to help patients, physicians, reporters, and other audiences understand the scope of a disease and its dangers, while bringing them news about improvements in therapies, diagnostics and knowledge that give hope for the future.

Beverly Simons is a senior public relations professional with valuable experience and insights into the health care industry and its environment. In writing about cancer and other diseases, she puts facts into perspective to help patients, physicians, reporters and other readers understand the scope of a disease and its dangers – including the human element of it – while bringing them timely news about improvements in therapies, and diagnostics that give hope for the future.

Beverly is a results-oriented strategist and counselor with consummate tactical ability to execute complex and demanding campaigns, programs and events. In her career, Beverly has trained many emerging PR specialists in these same areas. She has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Her strengths include corporate and product public relations, having worked on many of today’s most exciting social responsibility campaigns as well as some of the most widely reported innovative new therapies. Beverly is exceptionally qualified in science writing and editing, media relations, patient education and advocacy, website analysis and programming, corporate affairs, regulatory issues, crisis communications, and physician communications.

"Information transfer in the area of human health and wellness is one of most important opportunities and challenges in communications today. With web-based resources, patients are extremely knowledgeable and more involved in their own care. Conversely, drug companies need to be much more responsive to those needs, as well as the immediacy of Internet-driven issues management. Helping increase the levels of trust, comfort and effectiveness between industry and the physician and patient communities in the rapidly growing communications universe of Social Media is a really worthwhile pursuit."

In the past, Beverly’s consulting clients have included many well known PR agencies, working in various capacities and on a range of health care topics, with special emphasis in the highly regulated, science-based biopharmaceutical industry.

Prior to becoming a member of the Wholepoint team, Beverly’s experience included: Ruder Finn, Ketchum, McAdams Medical Advertising, Barnum Communications, Hill and Knowlton, and J. Walter Thompson.

Beverly was graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

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Megan Wittenberger Portrait

Megan Wittenberger
Account Executive

Megan is an account excecutive with Wholepoint Communications. She is a valuable part of the Wholepoint team, providing day-to-day account staff support. She is a natural organizer, a relentless self-starter, a pleasant team-player, and a quick study on new assignments. Megan is an avid learner and a naturally bright individual who clients welcome on their business. She provides staff assistance helping to get large volumes of basic but essential work accomplished expertly, accurately, and efficiently.

Megan also has demonstrated media relations skills while consulting on projects with Fleishman-Hillard, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, McDonald’s and a range of "green" clients throughout the country. She has helped produce consumer TV segments for some of Chicago’s most prestigious and newsworthy events and causes. Her editorial experience includes business-to-business publications and a column in a major daily newspaper in Chicago.

"Communications teams are expected to have great ideas, but equally as important, they have to have great execution. Appropriate account planning and team communication may not be the most glamorous parts of a campaign, but I know how essential they are to making any project a success and making sure the team and the audience get maximum results."

Megan has her B.S. degree in Public Relations from the renowned S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

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Ned Wolfe Portrait

Ned Wolfe
Director, Financial Services

Ned is an accomplished client relationship manager with over 20 years experience cultivating strong partnerships by fostering the alignment of corporate and client goals. Ned has an extensive background on both the client and agency sides, developing and managing unique, targeted solutions that support organizational growth and enhance customer loyalty. Ned’s key areas of expertise include a comprehensive knowledge of business development, project management and communications.

At Wholepoint, Ned leverages his extensive experience in client service by overseeing all back-office functions that are client-driven and facing, such as project traffic management, financial services including budget tracking and invoicing, staff and office coordination, and systems development to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of client service. Ned also adds his experience-based insights to brainstorming sessions and tactical execution.

"Fundamental account services are essential to our agency’s ability to meet or exceed client expectations, so we guard against the common errors and lack of efficiencies that can creep into project management. We have an attitude of zero-tolerance for errors of this sort, and we strive very hard to deliver our goal of easy, transparent tracking of both projects and budgets."

Prior to joining Wholepoint, Ned worked at Visa, Inc. playing a key role in client services, managing relationships with some of the company’s largest clients, including Citibank, Bank of America and Capital One. His responsibilities included negotiating marketing partnerships, launching and managing product and communication strategies, and on-going project management. With his client services background and project management skills, he was instrumental in maintaining and growing key relationships, which delivered increased profitability from the introduction of new products and services.

Ned also managed client services for Visa’s pilot Internet marketing division, developing and managing relationships with companies at the forefront of the Internet space, including Amazon, Travelocity, and Yahoo. His client service relationships then expanded to include well-known brands looking to increase their presence on the Internet such as Home Depot, Marriott, Rite-Aid, Staples, and many others. Among his responsibilities, Ned developed and managed communications strategies to target new customers and increase loyalty among the existing customer base.

Ned believes in a holistic approach to client management, which involves developing a comprehensive assessment of both his client’s needs and customer needs. This knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of the impact of various market dynamics -- including the regulatory environment, economic outlook, and the competitive landscape -- are critical to developing and managing products and services that will allow his client’s to prosper in any environment.

Ned has a MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Bachelors of Arts in Communications also from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Laurie Wooding Portrait

Laurie Wooding
Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

Laurie has over 20 years experience building strategic communications platforms for global organizations. She has a proven record of success across multiple healthcare business sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and consumer products. Laurie’s key area of expertise is internal communications and event production, with extensive leadership experience in media relations, issues management and crisis communications, change management and M&A communications.

Laurie comes to Wholepoint after several years of managing the health and wellness divisions at established public relations firms where she led global healthcare portfolios, providing strategic communications counsel to leading Fortune 500 companies (clients included Memorial Sloan Kettering, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble).

Prior to entering the agency world, Laurie was Vice President of Global Communications for Novartis AG, where she managed a global team responsible for corporate branding, product public relations, internal communications and crisis management for the $2.5 billion consumer health care division. At Novartis, she led communication programs regarding significant product recalls in U.S, Canada, and Latin America and developed key external messaging for product tampering issues and animal rights activity in the UK.

Laurie's most formidable role is as one of the biopharmaceutical industry's top-tier specialists in developing and implementing internal communications programs capable of optimizing, motivating, and engaging a best/brightest work force. Laurie has demonstrated her skill in improving employee engagement by strategically increasing the resonance between employees and the corporate culture and work environment. Laurie's creative talent is reflected in her innovative employee programs and best-in-class events. Her strategic and creative excellence is ably supported by her ability to execute tactical programs. Laurie also developed, provided content support and oversaw the management of the organization's internet and intranet sites.

Laurie believes that now, more than any other time in recent corporate history, internal communication has the potential to play a key role in sustaining employee morale and engagement. Great effort now in this area can deliver timely trust in leadership and greater commitment to the company and its business objectives – all highly prized competitive assets.

"The sinking economy and recent revelations of self-serving actions by CEOs and corporate officers has taken their toll on the mindset of our industry’s best talent. It has made them feel less secure and more cynical, and it has amplified the importance they place on core values, earned reputation, and social responsibility.

What differentiates the best companies from the mediocre is their ability to consistently deliver hard news honestly, directly and proactively. According to research, the 200 ‘most admired’ companies spent more than three times as much on employee communications as the 200 ‘least admired’ companies."

Laurie’s deep strength and passion is for developing the strategic oversight, the creative platform and precise execution for employee events around the world. These include senior leadership conferences to employee events where audiences range from 50 to 5000 people, while managing budgets from a few thousand to several million dollars.

Laurie graduated with a bachelor's degree in Journalism from West Virginia University.

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Senior Consultant Network

David Kyne Portrait

David Kyne
Sr. Public Relations Strategist

David Kyne is a healthcare communicator with more than 15 years experience leading significant and innovative public relations strategy and programming in the healthcare sector. David served most recently as the Practice Director for New York Healthcare at Hill & Knowlton where he oversaw transformative practice growth over a three year period and led global and US engagements for clients like Pfizer, Amgen and United Against Malaria, a campaign focused on tackling malaria with partners including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and Malaria No More.

"There is no such thing as business as usual for any critical or large initiative in the health care environment. Creating a shared agenda has always been the most powerful way to approach problems and provide solutions, and that is our focus at Wholepoint."

David brings significant US and EU experience as a healthcare communicator, with a particular focus on issues management, advocacy relations and corporate alignment. David has worked extensively with pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients including Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Amgen. David has also been active in leading non-profit engagements and building strategic partnerships with professional, governmental and patient groups in therapeutic areas including oncology, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Prior to his time at Hill & Knowlton, David spent five years with GCI Group in New York. At GCI David was the global relationship manager for the agency's largest client account, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, overseeing product and corporate public relations in therapeutic areas including HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease and urology.

Earlier in his career David spent a number of years with Dillon Consultants, a healthcare PR firm in his native Ireland, where he worked on several successful community-based and media focused programs for clients including Wyeth, Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Irish Medical Organization (AMA equivalent). David has managed programs in therapeutic areas including virology, cardiology, oncology, urology, diabetes, neurology and women's health.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history and politics from University College Dublin and a Master's Degree in Public Relations from the Dublin Institute of Technology. David has a keen interest in community activities and while at GCI and Hill & Knowlton instituted a partnership with the Henry Street Settlement, a New York-based community organization serving underprivileged children. David earnestly believes in making a difference in the world, and strives in his professional and personal life to live up to that goal.

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Cathy Yarbrough Portrait

Cathy Yarbrough
Sr. Media Relations Specialist

Cathy is one of handful of media relations and issues management professionals whose career has embraced elite research universities, major nonprofit health advocacy organizations, government agencies, and the biopharmaceutical industry. She is well known and well respected by leading journalists who cover health, science, and the business of health care.

"I was fortunate to gain valuable crisis management experience early in my career, and it gave me a fundamental understanding of how reporters, editors and producers do their jobs. That became the foundation upon which I've built my career and my track record of credibility, accurate insights, and my nose for news. These qualities, combined with hard work and persistence, provide the value-add both reporters and clients want."

Cathy has held senior staff leadership positions in corporate communications at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Rockefeller University, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and the Human Genome Project/National Institutes of Health. Cathy also served as the Director of Media Relations at the American Heart Association where she organized and led the Press Room at their massive annual conventions. Early in her career, she was a reporter at The Atlanta Constitution and staff science writer at the national Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation.

Genomics, oncology, and neuroscience are among Cathy’s passions as a media strategist, writer and source to reporters. Her specialties also include audiovisual and online content for patients, healthcare providers and thought leaders.

During the past four years, Cathy’s clients have included a number of prestigious scientific institutes around the world, as well as several medical specialty associations. Cathy also has consulted recently for biotechnology companies, as well as the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).

"Science and medicine have the power to improve the lives of every individual on the planet. Yet so many people are poorly informed or even hostile toward what they don’t understand about science and medicine. This includes misconceptions about the pharmaceutical industry and medical research itself. As communicators, we have a critical opportunity to change that – to increase acceptance through greater understanding."

During the course of her career, Cathy has interacted with every major media outlet, from NBC-TV "Meet the Press" and The New York Times to Xcomony.com and Technology Review.

A member of the National Association of Science Writers, Cathy is one of the journalists and media relations professionals who were interviewed for, and are quoted in, the new book, Explaining Research: How To Reach Key Audiences To Advance Your Work (Oxford University Press 2010). She also was selected to author one of the chapters for the first edition of the book, A Field Guide for Science Writers (Oxford University Press 1998).

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Tara DiMilia Portrait

Tara DiMilia
Sr. Media Relations Specialist

With more than 15 years of media relations experience in healthcare, science and medicine and consumer, Tara DiMilia has had great success in securing media coverage to reach a wide-range of audiences. Her ambitious attitude and in-depth understanding of medical science and the media environment allow her to achieve valuable placements containing important messaging around individuals, companies, products and issues.

She has had great success in networking, building, and maintaining relationships with reporters to secure media coverage for pharmaceutical companies and health-related organizations. She consistently works with reporters at a variety of outlets, including Ladies Home Journal, Parents, ABC Television, Associated Press, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

"As newsrooms continue to shrink and journalists become more skeptical of corporate bias, public relations must step-up by being a valued and credible resource for interesting and accurate story leads. This demands the ability to provide an easy understanding of a product's science, mechanism of action, and relevance to consumers. While I value most the level of mutual trust and respect I have developed with key reporters, I also credit my ability to understand each reporter's individual needs and interests as a large factor of my success."

In the past year, Tara has achieved placements with "The Today Show", Seventeen, Dow Jones, BusinessWeek, New York Times, WCBS radio, WABC-TV and Oncology News International for Sanofi-Aventis Oncology; Self, People, NurseZone, Orlando Sentinel and Fox News Network for Spirit of Women Health Network; FitPregnancy and Parents for “Stork Tunes” for the March of Dimes; and BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, Reuters and Wall Street Journal Radio for Deloitte Health Solutions, among other local and national media for these and other clients.

Many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have relied on Tara to handle media relations to support their products. Her experience includes product launches, medical meeting coverage, Phase II and III data announcements, FDA approvals, journal publications, strategic counsel, and feature story development. Her related placements have appeared in outlets ranging from Oncology Times and Pharmaceutical Executive to Associated Press and New York Times.

She is a graduate of Boston College, where her coursework included psychology, marketing, and organic chemistry.

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Gloria Stone Portrait

Gloria Stone
Sr. Pharma Communications Specialist

Gloria Stone is a senior public relations expert with a broad range of experience and skills ranging from corporate social responsibility to the highly specialized medical market place, with an intense focus in oncology. Her experience spans more than 20 years on both the client and agency side of the business – her particular strength in combining strong, traditional communications with novel and innovative programs that address the changing market environment and drive business objectives.

In the last dozen years, Gloria played a critical role helping chart the strategy and success of a leading pharmaceutical division of Novartis -- Novartis Oncology. In her role in global public relations with Novartis Oncology, she launched many cancer medicines; one announced by the secretary of Health & Human Services and featured as the cover of Time magazine. In her communications role, Gloria also worked on the first global cancer access program that helped thousands of people around the world access life-saving medicine, and receive patient information and counseling. Gloria also developed symposia bringing together world experts in medicine, policy, technology, economics and infrastructure to highlight the global challenges of cancer to the public health community.

Gloria also managed and implemented a branding initiative for the business and brought it to light in a novel campaign that enabled Novartis Oncology to showcase its global cancer leadership in a unified voice across various communications platforms. Under the corporate social responsibility banner, the program enabled Novartis Oncology to work with a fair trade organization, highlight the challenges overall in addressing cancer in developing countries, and position Novartis Oncology as a leader in understanding cancer in these settings – from a clinical standpoint to a socio-economic standpoint. This was well-received across a variety of audiences – policy influencers, healthcare professionals, patient advocacy groups, competitors and employees.

Gloria believes that pharmaceutical companies truly represent the kinds of businesses that the public wants to see – based on innovation but addressing challenges in society. However, this requires innovative thinking and implementation that will truly position the company for the future and not restrict it by current operational paradigms. Organizations need to be bold about these opportunities.

"Leading an industry means more than just talking about it. You need to ‘do’ it – develop initiatives based on sound and broad understanding of the challenges in the market, and the real opportunities and issues associated with your company and product. You need to then drive these initiatives forward. Leadership requires you to be comfortable with having no template from which to work, but instead charting one that others may follow."

Stone is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, past chair of the N.Y. Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and member of the Global Health Council. Stone has a M.S. in Biology, M.B.A. in Marketing and B.A. in Communications.

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Paul Roeraade Portrait

Paul Roeraade
Visual Creative Specialist

Paul Roeraade is a Creative Director with more than fifteen years of experience in interactive design. Paul combines a deep knowledge in branding with expertise in user-centered design, and he believes that clearly understanding the users needs is the only way to ensure that the design will ultimately be successful from a business perspective. Paul has been the creative lead, overseeing the creative process, from concept development to production for websites for numerous Fortune 500 website projects.

Most recently Paul has helped clients such as Oppenheimer Funds, TIAA-Cref, HP, Mercedes-Benz and Medco with successful interactive campaigns.

With a Masters degree in Computer Science, Paul began on the technical side of the equation gaining a thorough understanding of interactive project roles and needs. In 1997, he joined MSC Consult, a mid-size Swedish computer consultancy, and was responsible for building and growing its Internet/Intranet division. After developing interest in the creative side, Paul earned a degree in Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design. In 2000, he joined Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as Art Director/Senior Consultant, where he was the creative lead on projects for clients such as Procter & Gamble and Chevron. Paul stays involved in the design community as part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design, and is working with Parsons to develop its interactive design program.

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