Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

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Wholepoint helps drive brand growth the right way – to the mutual benefit of your customers and your company. We are deeply immersed in your market place, and we develop highly relevant and reliable insights to inform our strategies and tactics. This includes which messages resonate best in terms of brand promotion and information transfer.

Your target audience only wants information important to them – not what they perceive is biased by your commercial interest. In an era that demands increasing transparency & disclosure, we navigate your environment ethically and effectively. We carefully align your brand's value proposition with your customers' interests, and then select the communication channels that are most likely to succeed in gaining their attention, and ultimately changing their attitude and their behavior.

Wholepoint works very closely with medical opinion leaders, patient advocates, reporters, analysts, and patient-publishers (bloggers) to generate increased understanding and appreciation of your brand's differentiated benefits. Whether at a major medical congress or as part of a local webcast, we deploy credible tactics commensurate with your opportunity and your commercial goals.

But we also leverage the broad appeal of 'unbranded' campaigns and websites to more readily attract your target audiences and create a lasting relationship. This approach helps provide the easily accessible, accurate information your customers want. At the same time it allows us to provide branded RM opportunities from unbranded communication platforms. Together, these approaches work harmoniously to drive commercial ROI and consumer satisfaction.

Who does the product PR work at Wholepoint? Experts. People who have:

  • Experience in your specific market or therapeutic category
  • Increased the perceived value proposition of Rx brands
  • In-depth knowledge of social media and how and when to leverage it
  • Time-tested relationships with reporters at opinion-leading news organizations
  • FDA experience and contacts from working inside the agency
  • Patient advocacy expertise and know-how to develop patient-facing services
  • Multi-cultural marketing savvy
  • Sensitivity to the rapidly escalating rules of engagement and ethical standards
  • The ability to work with your C-suite as well as with your rank-and-file workforce
  • Commitment to get results that meet or exceed your expectations