The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way.

Bertrand Russell

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Adroit engagement of Social Media can deliver a significant competitive advantage. We leverage the credibility, speed and power of peer-to-peer communication to provide greatly expanded message penetration at regional and grassroots levels.

Wholepoint exerts the same time and energy building relationships with key bloggers as we do with reporters. As a result, we are deeply immersed in the patient-to-patient communities found within the therapeutic categories of our clients.

We also conduct webcasts, webinars, and other electronic forums to expand the reach and increase the impact of our campaigns. In addition to company-sponsored blogs, we piggyback on existing and popular sites that are more indigenous to the Social Media environment and more consistent with its culture. This provides flexibility, efficiency and speed. Most important, it derives greater credibility while avoiding the regulatory hurdles and concerns generated by company-sponsored blogs with two-way communication in peer-to-peer communities.