A public relations company specialized in health care

Get to the point! Your audiences only want information that helps achieve their objectives – not yours. Whether it's how to achieve better health or a better life, we craft and deliver your messages to have immediate, recognizable value to your target audience. We make your point clearly and frequently so it is not only heard, but leads to a desired change in attitude or behavior. That's the art of communication – and that's the Wholepoint.


Greg Baird
CEO & Founder

Erik Hansen
Director, Strategic Development & Interactive

Victoria Christian
VP, Account Admin

Rob Kern
Information Architecture & Web Design

Meghan Norville
Sr. Account Supervisor

Beverly Simons
Media Monitoring & Editorial Services

Megan Wittenberger
Account Executive

Ned Wolfe
Director, Financial Services

Laurie Wooding
Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

David Kyne
Sr. Public Relations Strategist

Cathy Yarbrough
Sr. Media Relations Specialist

Tara DiMilia
Sr. Media Relations Specialist

Gloria Stone
Sr. Pharma Communications Specialist

Paul Roeraade
Visual Creative Specialist

Talent is our biggest advantage. A great team that is well managed produces better results. We love what we do. It makes work fun, and working with us enjoyable.


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Our website celebrates successful creative expression: artwork, quotes, and our thinking. But in every case, what determines a masterpiece is an appreciative audience.


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